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Core Laboratories Newsletters

Fall 2014 Core Laboratory Newsletter

  • Using fragment-based drug discovery to identify new pharmacological agents or probes
  • Fragment libraries and related collections available at KU
  • Examples of screening projects now underway in our Core Labs

Winter 2013 Core Laboratory Newsletter

  • Core labs partnership with researcher advances fragment-based drug design research

Fall 2013 Core Laboratory Newsletter

  • PSL helps researchers work toward successful control of viral diseases
  • KU Core Labs collaborate to assist KSU scientist
  • BNMR Lab helps characterize new chaperones involved in proteasome assembly

Fall 2012 Core Laboratories Newsletter

  • Methods available to refine crystallization conditions for protein x-ray crystallography
  • Accelerated production of large sets of defined protein variants
  • Regional users of our Bio-NMR Core Lab

Spring 2012 Core Laboratories Newsletter

  • New Protein Synthesis and Nucleic Acid Extraction System Now Available
  • Crystallization Screening Methods in the Protein Structure Laboratory (Part I)
  • Bio-Molecular Laboratory Offers Autosampler Option

Fall 2011 Core Laboratories Newsletter

  • Protein Structure Laboratory: Crystal Structures of MinD:MinE Protein Complexes
  • Applications of Biacore 3000 in Protein-Protein/Ligand Interaction Analysis
  • BioNMR Laboratory Assists in Solving Structure of Effector Domain of a Human Pathogen

Spring 2011 Core Laboratories Newsletter

  • Secondary Structure Determination of Isolated Domain 4 of Anthrax Protective Antigen by Solution NMR Methods
  • Determination of the High Resolution Crystal Structure of the Protease Inhibitor SRPN2 from the Mosquito Anopheles gambiae
  • Designing, Cloning and Production of Ricin Vaccine Protein from E. coli

Fall 2010 Core Laboratories Newsletter

  • Solving a Protein Instability Issue Using Tandem Chromatography
  • Recent Projects Completed in the Protein Structure Laboratory (High resolution structures of hemeophore HasAp from P. aeruginosa; Crystal structure of cytochrome b5 domain of Ncb5or)
  • Recent Projects Completed in the BioNMR Laboratory (Identifying complete backbone resonance assignment for effector ChxR)

Spring 2010 Core Laboratories Newsletter

  • Establishment of the Insect Cell Lab
  • Protein Structure Laboratory Recently Completed Projects (Numerous structures of iron storage bacterioferritin (BfrB) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa; crystal forms of firefly luciferase from Photinus pyralis)
  • BioNMR Laboratory: Newly Updated Equipment Available

Fall 2009 Core Laboratories Newsletter

  • Protein Production Group Services (ligation independent cloning, mutagenesis, protein expression)
  • Protein Structure Laboratory Services (crystallization, data collection, synchrotron access, structure solution)
  • Bio-molecular Laboratory Services (access to 800 MHz and 600 MHz high field NMR instruments)