Protein Production Group

About the Group

Dr. Gao is examining results from
an experiment conducted on the
Biacore 3000 Surface Plasma Resonance

The COBRE Protein Production Group (PPG) focuses on the cloning, expression and purification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins for COBRE and other investigators in Kansas and the region. The laboratory maintains a variety of equipment to support the production of properly folded proteins in quantities suitable for structural studies (X-ray and NMR), functional studies (catalytic or biological), label-free binding studies (SPR) and/or high throughput (HTP) screening studies.

The PPG employs both E. coli and insect cell expression systems. It has three FPLC systems including an AKTA Purifier and an AKTA Xpress that can run four columns in parallel. The AKTA purifier system is designed for high-performance purification and characterization of protein, peptides and nucleic acids. It is at home with routine procedures of any complexity, such as scouting or method optimization. The AKTA purifier system offers several key features: a high level of automation and a method wizard that minimizes preparation, run time and repetitive tasks while retaining flexibility for easy manual operation. The laboratory has a fully-automated Bioneer ExiProgen system for protein synthesis and nucleic acid extraction. It uses E. coli cell-free lysate for synthesis of protein from plasmid or PCR-amplified DNA. The PPG also provides advice and consultation, training, access to equipment, and custom services in many aspects of protein production, starting with cloning.