Protein Purification Group


The Protein Purification Group employs both E. coli and insect cell expression systems. It has two FPLC systems (an ÄKTA Purifier and an ÄKTA Pure); Biacore 3000; a fully-automated Bioneer ExiProgen™ system; shaker incubators and fermenters; high capacity centrifuges; cell disruptors, and thermocyclers.


The laboratory has two FPLC systems, an
AKTA Purifier and an AKTA Pure.

















The AKTA purifier system is designed for high-performance purification and characterization of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids. It is equally at home with routine procedures of any complexity, with scouting and method optimization. The system offers several key features: a high level of automation and a method wizard to minimize preparation, run-time and repetitive tasks while retaining flexibility for easy manual operation.

ÄKTA Pure allows for quick and easy customization due to the modular design of both the hardware and software. ÄKTA Pure allows unattended operations by efficiently automating the purification tasks. To address fast and efficient protein purification, ÄKTA Pure can be set up in different ways to handle multi-step purification.

A fully-automated Bioneer ExiProgen™ system is available. The protein synthesis and nucleic acid extraction system uses E. coli cell-free lysate for synthesis of protein from plasmid or PCR-amplified DNA. The crude protein extract then is further purified, using His-Tag engineered into the proteins. The ExiProgen can produce up to 100 mg of >90% pure protein in six hours, which saves time and provides quicker research results. This equipment is ideal for rush orders of small amounts of protein. It can extend to 96-well format and can produce up to 10 mg of protein. In addition, ExiProgen can also purify nucleic acids from several sources, which makes it an extremely versatile system.