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Core Laboratories' New Directors Ready to Welcome Clients

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Core Laboratories at the COBRE Center in Protein Structure and Function at KU are newly re-organized and available to assist all protein-oriented researchers in Kansas. These core labs include:

Protein Production Group.
Dr. Philip Gao, Director (785-864-3406; gao@ku.edu). The PPG offers service in cloning, mutagenesis, expression (currently E. coli; insect cells coming on-line soon), and purification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins on scales up to 100 mg or more of purified protein.

Protein Structure Lab.
Dr. Scott Lovell, Director (785-864-3772; swlovell@ku.edu). The PSL offers service in protein crystallization, X-ray diffraction analysis (home source or synchrotron), and structure solution and refinement. High-throughput crystallization of one protein with multiple ligands is also available.

Biomolecula NMR Lab
Dr. Asokan Anbanandam, Director. (785-864-3746; asokan@ku.edu). This lab assists investigators to apply high-field NMR to solve high-resolution solution structures of proteins, to understand their dynamics-mediated function, to determine protein conformational stability, and to study protein-ligand, protein-peptide, and protein-DNA interactions in solution. It offers consultation in experiment design, and training and service in both data collection and data analysis.

These labs enable researchers to bring new approaches to bear on their research in very powerful ways. All three Core Labs offer free consultation to explore how they can help your research move faster and better.

Our COBRE-supported Core Labs are intended to grow into substantially self-supporting fee-for-service operations over the five years of the COBRE renewal. In the interim, since we are partially supported by the COBRE grant and other funds, COBRE-PSF is able to offer "Core Lab Coupons" to investigators who want to take advantage of our facilities and services. These discounts, essentially mini-grants through the COBRE Center to support specific projects in our core labs, are negotiable on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs and grant resources of the investigator, but overall, we want to earn your business and we aim to please.