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COBRE-PSF Fragment Library Screening Program

COBRE-PSF is pleased to offer three fragment libraries totaling 832 compounds for screening campaigns. All three libraries contain small organic compounds carefully selected for solubility, functionality, absence of structure alerts, ability to be modified, coupled or elaborated, and general likeness to drug substructures. The Zenobia 2.2 library, acquired commercially, contains 288 Iow MW compounds representing "fragments" of larger molecules with known bio-activity. The Aubé collections contain 104 and 440 compounds, many of which were explicitly selected as substructures of known drugs. Please contact us for a detailed listing of the compounds in the collections.

We are ready to screen any or all of these collections against your protein(s) of interest using our Biacore 3000 surface plasmon resonance (SPR) instrument. Screenings are performed in our Protein Production Group Core Laboratory. We encourage you to contact us to take advantage of this opportunity to differentiate your grant applications from the competition! Of course, we can also help you connect with computational and synthetic medicinal chemists who can take screening hits as far as needed to optimize ligand potency and drug-likeness.