Protein Structure (X-ray) Laboratory

Major Equipment

  • 8 kW high brilliance rotating anode generator (Rigaku RU-H3RHB)
  • Blue Max-Flux (Osmic) confocal optical system
  • Two-theta stage and inverse Phi axis
  • R-AXIS IV++ imaging plate system
  • X-stream 2000 cryogenic system
  • Crystallization incubators and Stereo microscopes
  • Centrifuge
  • Cary 50 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Data collection PC and graphics workstations with crystallographic software
  • Environmentally-controlled crystallization room
  • NTS drop setting robot
  • Rock Imager 2 (RI2) crystal imaging system
  • Associated wet lab

High brilliance X-ray generator, Xtream 2000,and the
new Raxis IV++ imaging plate available at the PSL offer
a complete system for  single crystal diffraction data


NT8 drop setting robot and Rock Imager 2 (RI2) crystal imaging system

The PSL crystallization laboratory offers a:
1) NT8 drop setting robot and 2) Rock Imager 2 (RI2)
crystal imaging system. Since these components are
integrated, it streamlines the crystallization process
and permits easy tracking of all experimental details
and results.