Symposium Site

The GRASP NMR 2018 symposium will be conducted on the west campus of the University of Kansas in the KU School of Pharmacy building, 2010 Becker Dr., Lawrence, KS.  A map of the KU west campus is shown below.

Please note there are parking restrictions for the KU campus on Friday (permit parking only), so shuttles will be provided on Friday, October 12 only to bring symposium attendees from the University Inn and Suites Lawrence, 2309 Iowa St., to the KU School of Pharmacy Building at 2010 Becker Dr. If you are not staying at University Inn and Suites Lawrence there is sufficient parking near the hotel to allow you to park by it before taking the shuttle from in front of the hotel lobby.

For a more complete map of Lawrence, KS and the entire KU campus, click here.

Map of the KU west campus